Sarl MCONE Ltd is broken into a domestic and commercial component. Domestically doing renovation, building, electrical, plumbing and resin works. Commercially we can provide Civil construction and tower / mast construction to telecommunications providers and resin works to councils, sporting developers and housing developers. We believe in a very strong OHS background and making sure all of our team arrive home safely at the end of each day. 



Jason Stone

I'm the telecoms one of our pair. Having spent the last 30 years in telecommunications, specializing in tower / mast construction, installation / commissioning and project management, around the globe. feel I'm now well placed to provide a great service. Just wish I was as handsome as my business partner.


Dave Magow

I'm the handsome one of the pair and my background is hotels and festival ownership, construction and development, civil construction and resin works, both commercially and domestically. As family men, my partner and I strongly believe to treat customers as we would wish us and our families treated.